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With continuous assessment of the law and subsequent research, it has often come to notice that restrictive laws and regulations lead to many issues and complications in the legal and social arena. With this realization, there emerged an understanding of laws that are written, but non-binding in nature. These are the soft laws.

They include guidelines, standards of conduct and various policy declarations.

Many debates and discussions have been held over these sanctions. While a body of researchers claim that these regulations cannot be classified as laws, a body of scientists claim them to be quasi-laws for the international scenario.

While Softlaw aims to update its subscribers on these changes and take in their views on the blogs and discussions, we realize that you would want to know why all of this is of importance for you?

If you’re a law student, a lawyer, a law professor or even a common citizen, these regulations need to be in your knowledge to keep you prepared for international changes. They also set codes of conduct and standards for the people to follow.

Although soft laws are not binding, they have every chance to be converted to ‘hard laws’ or laws that are legally binding on citizens of a prescribed area, or people all around the world.

Sanctions of international legal organizations and communities such as United Nations are considered as soft laws that are also aspirations. While these laws are not enforcing or binding, they do affect the policies that are formed; to q significant degree.

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There is so much to learn and so much to contribute to the field of laws and regulations.

We at Softlaw are proud to provide you with an opportunity to do so.


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